that's been exploring and recording new territories in the realm of intricately programmed, melodic analog synthesizer music or "the old sounds of tomorrow" for nearly twenty years. With releases from Joy Electric, Travelogue, Cascading Slopes, Relic Pop and others.


Travelogue Relic Pop Anna Ranger Winterlisch Said Fantasy PQMQ. Workshop Nikmis Cascading Slopes Joy Electric

Current: Said Fantasy, Travelogue, Cascading Slopes, Winterlisch, Relic Pop, Nikmis, Joy Electric, PQMQ. Workshop

Alumni: Mothership, Britannika, House of Wires, Goodnight Star, Norway, Soviet, The September Equation, Goat Explosion, The Fax, Red Orchestra, Anna Ranger, 20GOTO10, Cut The Red Wire, Flashlight Party, Jamie Long