that's been exploring and recording new territories in the realm of intricately programmed, melodic analog synthesizer music or "the old sounds of tomorrow" for nearly twenty years. With releases from Joy Electric, Travelogue, Cascading Slopes, Relic Pop and others.


Joy Electric - Melody 12"

Track Listing:

1. Drum Machine Joy
2. The Electric Joy Toy Company
3. Candy Cane Carriage
4. Analogue Grand Diary
5. Every Boy and Girl Falls in Love
6. The Girl From Rosewood Lane
7. Sweet Sweet Charity
8. The Melody Book
9. Life Guardian Twenty
10. In Love in Midsummer
11. Never Be a Star
12. Old at This Young
13. Of Stories and Love
14. Happiness and Life
15. Lilly Pad the Forest our Home
16. Bee Hoping
17. The Dark Ages
18. Buttercup Fairy Jamboree

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