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PM036 Cascading Slopes
Towards A Quaker View of Synthesizers

Jacob Graham's charming new collection of songs ranging from simple, folk narratives to fantasy tinged ballads. With a constant thread of sad and hopeful melodies spun through ornate sequences and minimal, music-box rhythms.

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PM035 Various Artists
New Music Horizons Volume 1

A compilation series showcasing current artists and friends of the label. We hope this series will reinforce our grand analog tradition and pique your curiosity for what lies ahead.

Featuring exclusive tracks from Travelogue, Said Fantasy, Cascading Slopes, Winterlisch, The Daphne Oramics, Relic Pop, Candy Claws, Nikmis and Peppermint Kisses.

Plastiq Musiq Logo Pin

The ultimate keepsake for any plastiq fan. Show your love for pqmq with a classy glass-enamel & brass pin on your jacket!

Plastiq Musiq T-shirt
limited edition silkscreened shirt

This is a limited run of hand made shirts, orange ink on heather gray, each with its own special character and unique imperfections. No two shirts are alike.

Plastiq Musiq Logo Sticker
weatherproof vinyl sticker

The September Equation
The Bells of Plstk 5¼" floppy disk

Limited edition reissue of The September Equation's magnum opus, The Bells of Plstk, on the timeless format of 5¼" floppy disk. This beautiful souvenir is ideal for framing—the perfect inspiration to hang in your own electronic music workshop. It also makes a great stocking stuffer! Comes with high quality download.

Archive Spotlight     Classic albums from the early days of Plastiq Musiq
PM004 House of Wires
You Are Obsolete

The debut album from electronic duo Jon Sonnenberg and Robert Gutschow as House of Wires. 1998's You Are Obsolete combines complex beats and home-made electronics into a groundbreaking and truly original sound. A cold synthetic landscape is sprinkled with sparse bits of acoustic drums, horns, accordion and violin.

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PM005 Goodnight Star
Self Titled

Goodnight Star's self titled debut is a virtual scrapbook of electronic pop, from the melancholic dub sound of Creator and the cold, Germanic bounce of Insecure to pure pop numbers like This Way To Love. Every song skitters and rattles with sound, syncopated squiggles and bursts of synthesizers.

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PM014 Travelogue
The Art of Conversation

Travelogue's debut album, The Art of Conversation, was recorded to just eight tracks: one track for vocals, one with a sync tone, and six tracks for the instrumentation. Just like they did in the old days. Minimal, but abundantly textured, this album is essential for any serious electronic music collection.

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Seasonal Showcase     Seasonally appropriate electronic music accompaniment
PM018 Various Artists
A Plastiq Christmas

A delightful Christmas compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Joy Electric, Travelogue, Goodnight Star, The September Equation, Norway, Goat Explosion and more!

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PM031 Jon Sonnenberg and Israel Slick
The Prometheus Project

A collaboration between Jon Sonnenberg (Travelogue) and Israel Slick (Red Orchestra) set in a sci-fi, horror scene surrounded by beautiful electronics and haunting verse. Perfect for this spooky time of year.

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Be sure to explore the fine musical selection from our friends at The Early Electronic Preservation Society.
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